There is a GameStop store in my area that is going out of business and selling off its inventory at 70–90% off. Being a video game enthusiast, I had to go check it out. I bought about 15 games for ~$0.75 each, mostly for my XBOX360 (yes I have a lot of catching up to do). What an unbelievable steal, even if I never play through most of them. When I got to the checkout, I saw a PS1 controller with $3 price tag. It’s still listed on the GameStop website for that price, so you can buy it and…

Last year I bought a tank-style robot from Amazon that was a cheap $85. The selling point was the fact that it was basically a 2-in-1. I could program it to move its base, as well as do cool things with the 4-DoF arm. It came with all the basic sensors needed to make a decent RC and/or _basic_ autonomous robot: camera, 2x motors, 5x micro servos, ultrasonic sensor, line detector .. that’s about it. Oh, and the LEDs, which unfortunately don’t fit into the interior of the robot as there are too many wires.

The sucky part is that…

Much of the success of humanity may be attributed to our ability to create and use tools. From fire to the wheel to the iPhone, various generations of tools have propelled our intellectual advancement. While humans have long coupled technology with our thirst for understanding the universe, we have only recently begun to see what the combination of our physical capabilities with technology will yield. Robotic prostheses for amputees, cancer-killing nanorobots in the bloodstream, and military-grade exoskeletons are examples of recent advancements in this arena. These advancements bring with them large leaps in human ability, but also large ethical concerns.

Humans, for the length of human history, have largely copulated with other humans. Natural sex between humans has thus dictated much of the course of human events. Sex dictates which humans will bear offspring. It also stirs up human emotions of love, lust, jealousy, hedonism, and other complex states. Sex also traditionally affects the power balance among humans. Humans who have more sex are seen as more powerful [1] and the male is said to be given much of his power from the act of penetrating. Sex is also used to control other humans, from the harems and concubines of…

There have been some cool demos put out by Leap Motion recently, in which they play with blocks via gestures. The hand sensing tech in their videos looks quite polished, and so I thought it would be cool to replicate something similar.

Leap Motion’s own Blocks demo

Leap Motion offers an SDK for Unity3D, and it is thankfully quite easy to set up. Simply plug in the Leap Motion controller, download the Leap Motion SDK, and import the package into Unity. In the SDK, you can find the hand models have their own prefabs — simply drag them from the Project window into the Scene…

In this post, I present a performance art piece for Max/MSP and N64 controller, that samples audio and video from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask OST.

Computers have changed almost every aspect of our lives in the last 50 years, and audio is a space that has scene huge revelations in its craft. From digital synthesizers to MIDI sequencers to digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live, audio engineering has been in the background of some of our favorite sounds in music.

One of the lesser known tools in the audio engineers’ toolbox is Max/MSP…

Sometimes you think of something really funny and feel the need to post it on facebook or twitter right away. Depending on the time of day that you post it though, the post might not get as many likes or visibility. So, for the optimizers, I thought it would be cool to build a scheduler for facebook posts. Using this tool, you can be sure to get that extra like by posting at a common time like 8pm instead of your caffeine fueled 3:30am study sessions.

For those that just want to get to the code, the full github gist…

Gotta truly interact with ’em all — with AR!

Yes, I Really Wanted to Interact with my Pokemon

Pokemon GO was the AR phenomenon that took the world by storm in July 2016. Who can forget the huge groups of people running through public parks in an attempt to Catch ’em All? The app was so popular, that, at its peak, it had over 20 million active daily users.

While no one can doubt that the novel interactive experience was fun, there was one thing that bothered many techies. The app was being hailed as the Augmented Reality killer app…

Hello, and welcome to the first installment on my path to 100 tech projects!

For this post, I created an algorithm to find equidistant letter sequences found in text, similar to the algorithm written to search for codes in the Bible.

Cover from the 1997 book by Drosnin

A Brief History of the Phenomenon

The idea of certain codes hidden in the Bible is not a new one. While studying the Hebrew Bible (Torah), a group scholars in the early 20th century noticed that, starting at one letter in the books, and moving some X letters forward, then forward again, those letters combined made a different word…

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